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  • Pastor<br /><br />Here's our fearless leader, Pastor Mitch. He was pretty dangerous with that chain saw, maybe it's a good thing he's a pastor! :-)<br /> width:308;;height:427
  • Ruthless<br /><br />Frank didn't waste any time. This guy is ruthless! width:600;;height:400
  • Trimming<br /><br />Roger did a fine job trimming and thinning the tree. Here he is on the roof. width:365;;height:347
  • Clean up<br /><br />Here's a bunch of people cleaning up the back. Pastor Mitch in the striped shirt. Evelyn is in the blue by the dumpster and you can barely see Denise putting something in the dumpster. Ray M. is in the red. Teresa is on the right, bent over (behind fence) and behind her you can barely see Ray F. (in the shadows)<br /> width:600;;height:400
  • Everyone helps<br /><br />Bev, Clarice and John (left to right). Clarice and John are charter members. They have been here since day 1 in 1948! width:600;;height:400
  • Kids<br /><br />We didn't just work the senior citizens! Here's Jamie, Ax and Evan (left to right) doing their part. width:361;;height:313
  • Zac, John and Wayne (left to right) take a break. Wayne is another charter member! width:600;;height:400
  • bin<br /><br />Ellis, Bobby and Fred (left to right) work on filling the bin width:600;;height:400
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